If you are outdoors in the San Francisco North Bay on a Saturday or Sunday, chances are good you may see me running the trails around Phoenix Lake or the hills of Mt. Tam. The earth under my feet, breathing in this incredible landscape and feeling part of this great community charges me up.

Connection is what fuels my life—connection with my surroundings, community, people. And when it comes to my work, it’s all about developing connections with clients. I build relationship with you and help you build connection with your audience—your tribe—online. I love to bring people together: I’m a tribe maker.

My priority is understanding your business and focusing on the areas of your business you wish to grow. Your goals become mine as I help you shape your online communication. We convey just what it is that makes your business unique and through targeted messaging, we attract visitors and build your audience, welcoming customers, employees and vendors into your tribe.

Over the past decade I have worked with clients both large and small and my style is always the same: collaborative. I seek to understand your business, your goals and your own style of communication so that we develop a lasting and beneficial professional relationship.

As a tribe maker, I specialize in building strategic alliances across other marketing disciplines that can enhance your business growth in new directions. I have a vast network—tribe—of intelligent and forward-thinking individuals. My unique talent is bringing together members of my tribe to enhance a project, expanding possibilities and creating something bigger.

My integrative approach combines creative and analytical styles. As a people person and community builder, I forge connections, while also taking advantage of my knowledge of concrete analysis and research to multiply your options and create tangible results.

With a BA in Business Administration and an Advanced Professional Certificate in Digital Integrated Marketing, I put my training to work for the betterment of our tribe. I invite you to find out how we can work together to enhance your business and your impact.